TRX full body workout uses your weight and gravity to achieve maximum results – and it’s accessible to all fitness levels. TRX training is comprised of body weight exercises, adaptable to be more or less challenging, and the only equipment you need are special nylon straps with handles – accessible at the gym or at home, and easily transportable. Yes, it’s a suspension exercise – and it’s gonna help you improve your strength, balance and lean muscle without putting too much strain on your weaker areas.

Whether you’re a professional athlete, a beginner, if you have bad joints or haven’t yet built up enough stamina, these simple exercises will help you to get into the rhythm!



Even though TRX exercises are known to be of especially low risk of injury, it’s always better to have a warm up beforehand.

  • Squats and rows. Holding the handles lean back, facing the anchor point. Do a squat, while keeping your knees in line with your feet, and perform a shallow row after standing up. Repeat 8 times.
  • Overhead hand raise. Stand facing the anchor point, leaning back, holding the handles in front of you. Lift your hands straight up, thus coming forward, lean back again. Repeat 10 times.

Suspended lunge


Stand facing away from anchor point with one feet suspended in both handles (make sure to keep them low!). Lunge low with your leg at 90 degrees. Stand up pushing up from your foot, not from the knee. Do 10 lunges for each foot.

This is one of the TRX full body exercises that works your legs, enhances core stability and does wonders for your glutes!



Good old rows! Perfect way to strengthen your back while at the same time allowing flexibility and avoiding putting too much pressure on your arms – you simply must incorporate this exercise in your TRX workout plan.

Make the straps short, stand facing the anchor point, lean back with your arms straight, then pull your body up squeezing your shoulder blades. Repeat 20 times.

Side plank

trx workout7

One of the benefits often mentioned by any TRX workout guide is that it trains your core without using cumbersome gym equipment. Using only your body weight you can strengthen your abs, obliques and lower back – the areas often forsaken.

Having made your straps low, lie sideways on the ground, both feet suspended in the handles. Placing your elbow under your shoulder, lift yourself up, hold for 30 seconds. After doing both sides, rest for 20 seconds and repeat.

It’s going to be challenging… Until you feel those love handles and muffin top disappearing!

Balancing act


Unlike machine-based exercise, TRX allows the entire range of movement that improves not only your strength, but also flexibility. It’s no wonder that it is often taken up by yoga-lovers.

Stand facing anchor point, holding handles in front of you. Lean forward, stretching your hands overhead and one leg back, put some weight on the handles and make your body parallel to the floor. Repeat 10 times for each leg. 


trx workout6

That’s a tough exercise – but it will strengthen your arms and abs like none other!

Place your feet in the handles, lie down facing away from the anchor point. Keep your forearms on the ground and raise your body to a plank. Then crunch with your knees towards your chest, and go back to the plank. Repeat 8 times, have a short pause and repeat again.

Make sure not to put too much pressure on your elbows: try to redistribute your weight through your forearms. After all, this TRX workout routine circuit is supposed to make you stronger, not inflict damage! 

Back stretch


Finish your TRX full body workout with back stretching. Taking care of your back is essential and some exercises makes quite some pressure on it. After that, your desk job will not feel as exhausting!

Stand facing the anchor point, grip the handle and lean forward with straight arms, keeping your back straight and abs engaged. Drop your hips away from you and relax your shoulders. Repeat 10-15 times and feel your back stretch! 

Feel free to mix up these exercises and try the new ones – TRX is known of its versatility. And listen to your body, making sure you feel comfortable.

If you continue working out, your balance, strength and core fitness will be through the roof… or at the very least, above the ground!

Written by Migle Anusauskaite
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