Training at home or at the gym can become boring after a while. Yes, you might be enjoying the luxury of various elaborate equipment pieces, but you probably also notice that they restrict your imagination. With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining brighter, an occasional park workout can revitalize your mood and motivation.

Don't hesitate only because you're not sure what to do once you've switched for outdoors – we have you covered. Here are some park workout ideas for beginners that you can do as a full workout routine, mix and match as you prefer, or get inspired by and elaborate on as you go. Don't forget your water bottle and headphones.

Park Exercises Routine

bench exercise

Equipment: a bench, a swing, and a tree.

1. Warm Up

This may seem obvious but it is a necessary part of any workout, therefore it's here. Training outside makes it very easy to do a warm up as you can jog to the park or around the park upon your arrival. Breath deeply to get your lungs ventilated with as much fresh air as possible.

2. Bench Push-Ups

The best park workouts include minimum equipment, such as an ordinary bench. Do the push-ups as you'd do them on the ground, only this time put your hands on the lower part of the bench. Keep the arms slightly wider than your shoulders, your back, and legs – straight, your core – fully engaged. Do 10-15 reps.

You can make this a little more challenging by incorporating your legs. Try driving your left knee towards your chest while strengthening the arms. Do this for 5 reps and go with the right knee.

3. Bench Dip with a Kick

Start with sitting on the ground back to the bench. Your hands hold the edge behind you and your feet are flat on the ground. Then lift yourself up so that your elbows bend your arms to make a 90-degree angle.

Press your left knee towards your chest. Start lifting yourself up, straightening the arms behind you, while your left leg kicks forward in full length. Your right leg should be in a perfect 90-degree angle. Repeat 10-15 times, rest for a moment and do the same with your right leg.

4. Swing Knee Tucks

Outdoor park workouts are even greater if you have a swing hanging idly, ready to serve you well.

Start with all-fours on the ground, feet facing the swing. Then straighten one leg and fix its feet on the swing. Hold it tight and put the other feet on it. Legs and arms should be straight.

Start slowly bending your knees while pushing your bum up. Keep the core engaged. Repeat for 15-20 reps.

5. Swing Leg Lift

Sit on the swing with your hands holding the chains beside your shoulders. Keep your back straight, and your toes on the ground reaching as far back as possible. Slowly start raising your knees and drawing them towards your chest. Keep the swing as stable as you can. Try lifting your knees with the force from your core, not your arms. Repeat 10-15 times.

6. Tree Squeeze

Here you will alternate the exercises for your legs and your arms.

Sit in front of a tree. Hug it with your feet while keeping your legs super straight. Squeeze the tree as hard as you can with your feet, hold for 20-30 seconds. Then stand up at arms-length from the tree and squeeze it as hard as possible with your palms on each side. Hold for 20-30 seconds.

Repeat everything 5-10 times.

7. Tree Hug

This very basic yet profound exercise is a great way to end your workout. Choose a tree with a broad and straight trunk. All you need to do now is grab onto the tree, jump up a little, and embrace it with all your body.

Feet are fixated onto the tree just like your hands, all of your body is in contact with the tree. Try to reach around it with all of your limbs and keep your core fully engaged.

This beautiful exercise strengthens your body, stretches it out and gives you peace and pure energy straight from nature.

Written by Audra Bajori
Audra is a writer, an ethical vegan, a compulsive self-experimenter and health-hacker, who plans on living for at least 100 years. She's also a cinephile,...
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