Verv made its first appearance in 2013 with the mobile apps which provided simple and personalized weight loss solutions. By following easy running, fitness and walking workouts, people fulfilled their weight loss ambitions and managed to keep up their motivation. It helped Verv gain a foothold in the Health & Fitness category and secure top positions for its products. 

While the apps were focused on weight loss, the users often requested additional guidance related to other areas of their health and lifestyle. And this is why the company started focusing on the interconnections between physical activity, nutrition, sleep and mindfulness. 

In 2018, having a solid experience in weight loss solutions and over 60 mln users globally, Verv launched its major rebrand. The changes have touched upon the brand’s appearance and reflected a new brand vision focused on the healthy lifestyle and well-being. 

Verv is defined by simplicity, effectiveness and personalization. Thus, it seeks to provide easy and individually adjustable solutions that help yield the best possible results. The company continues to improve its top-rated apps for weight loss, as well as to expand its services to guide users toward their overall lifestyle goals.

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