Yoga and strength training don’t go together. This is a well-known myth that poses almost as the ultimate truth. Be prepared that even the most highly respected yoga instructors would advise you against this volatile mix. But don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

A couple of years ago I was truly taken aback when my gym trainer of the day, very slim and muscular, told me her body was so stiff she couldn’t stretch properly, let alone do the splits! Later on, I discovered it was not surprising at all. If you neglect to incorporate weight training with at least some stretching exercises or yoga, you are doomed to lose your flexibility.

Gym exercises

Yoga and gym workouts need to be regarded as complimentary rather than incompatible. You can look at your gym training as the way to put on extra muscle, do some serious cardio, improve your reaction. Meanwhile yoga is a great choice if you want to work on your stretching movements, improve balance and mental attitude. After all, it is not so much an exercise as it is a state of mind.

By doing yoga and gym together you instantaneously work both on your strength and flexibility.

Strength training can be really intense. Whereas yoga helps you keep your emotional balance intact which, in its turn, teaches to stay focused and present during your workouts.

Also, in yoga you enable different sets of muscles by doing much slower movements while improving your level of concentration and working on your breathing. Controlled breathing is crucial in everything you do, your gym training included. It allows you to check in with your body more often, acknowledge all body sensations you experience after a workout.

Controlled breathing

Mindful breathing boosts stamina and increases your endurance. Even when you feel exhausted after your workouts yoga can help you regain energy and at the same time it can help you feel fully relaxed.

And it is not just about yoga and gym trainings, of course. Many sports can mix and match beautifully. It won’t be a bad idea to compliment your running workouts with wushu practices or even pilates! Swimming can be added to any sport and is a good way to improve your lung capacity and address back pains. Not to mention that water rehabilitation is recommended for athletes who suffered severe low back injuries. But it’s a whole other story.

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Verv Admin
Corey Daniels4 months ago

I don’t like even power yoga, to say the least. Leave weight lifting out of it. It’s not about how it can benefit one another, it’s about the fact that yoga is for the state of mind not for your egos.

Verv Admin
morganestef4 months ago

I don’t know about strength training but I would definitely do cardio before my yoga class and then slow down and relax

Verv Admin
roney854 months ago

Thank you, I completely agree. You can absolutely combine physical exercises as long as it is a healthy combination.

Verv Admin
iamaguru4 months ago

I’ve always thought of that, but my guru kept telling me we can’t combine even cardio with yoga. Like, you should be totally focused on your practice and nothing else. But I always thought it can’t be bad if you do one after the other and it actually makes much sense: you heat up your muscles and then stretch them.

Verv Admin
findwhatfits4 months ago

those who seek tough workouts go for weight lifting and those who seek balance and relax prefer yoga, you can rarely see people do both. and I agree, for some reason yoga instructors often tell you to stay away from gym