Mindful eating, gratitude rituals, consistent workouts – those are merely elements that can lead to so many different (and even unexpected) outcomes – depending on how you put your mind to it. Health and wellness lifestyle isn’t just a combination of various practices you can acquire – it’s a whole new way of perspective, a change in your approach to yourself, your habits, your self-consciousness.

New rituals and elements need to fuse into your life and remaster the structure of your daily routine. It is a fresh way of treating yourself, nurturing your body and mind from the inside out.

Don’t try to be perfect from the very beginning  and all the way down – acknowledge your progress and remember: there is no perfection and everyone’s path is different. With a careful, non-judgmental approach you will find your own pace of welcoming and using your new rituals. Let them become more than just parts of a puzzle – let it become a part of your life.

Healthy eating

healthy foods

The road to wellness and healthy living is lumpy, and one of the first big hills is revising your eating patterns. Don’t approach it as a diet practice based on restrictions and goals – the only important goal is your well-being. Trying to love your body will consequently lead to better nutrition, healthier food, and smarter eating patterns. Try out those tips to see how it may change your life:

  • Choose fruits and veggies

Even if you can’t yet fit all 5 portions of fruit & veg into your daily diet, start slow! Always try to put some greens in your meal. If it’s a full meal, let veggies occupy half of the plate. When looking for a snack, choose a fruit, a whole-grain food, or high-protein products instead of sugar-loaded easy bites.

  • Quality over quantity

Life is busy, but finding a bit more time to understand your own choices is important. Take a few spare minutes in a grocery store to read a label – and give preference to a less processed product. If you can, find some time in the morning or before sleep to prepare a nutritious lunch to enjoy later. Simple changes like that not only restructure your schedule, but also develop your attitude towards life.

  • Supplement in moderation

It’s better to get most of your vitamins from whole foods, but sometimes it’s not so easy. Finding a safe supplement option to sustain your body and improve your nutrition is a great practice of self-care. Consult with your doctor to find supplements that would fit you just right.

  • Plenty of water

Water is what we’re made of. Weirdly, some of us don’t take this serious enough and don’t drink as much clean water as necessary. Stay hydrated – start your day with a glass of water, drink some between meals, and try to make it your beverage of choice instead of picking sugary coffee drinks, soda, or processed juice.

Exercise in moderation

No need to buy a card to a fancy gym so you can ditch it later, feeling shame and regret. Healthy living and wellness require care, thoughtfulness, and acceptance of your progress.

Try starting your new workout routine with something that doesn’t require much equipment. Your wish to move is all you really need! Do some yoga in the morning, start jogging from time to time, or just find 5 spare minutes for an occasional stretch.

Exploring new sports and techniques is a great way of learning something new and feeding both your brain and body. Some of the things you discovered may become your favorite routine or a hobby. Needless to say, your body will always thank you for the effort!


girl meditating

It sounds a bit trivial or even scary, but bear with me. Letting yourself relax and concentrate on your calm being is an important part of human existence. It is frightening to let go, but relief, improved concentration and relaxation are the common outcomes of practicing meditation regularly, so why not try it?

If you’re not sure where to start – there are plenty of guides and tutorials for beginners. You can install apps on your phone and start practicing right now. Some techniques will help you improve your sleeping patterns, some are good for finding a moment of mindfulness throughout the day, and others are great to calm you down before nervous events.

The easiest thing to do by yourself is deep breathing exercise.

Put yourself in a calm, relaxed position, focus on your breathing, and inhale / exhale deeply for 10-15 rounds. Your body will get some more oxygen, and you will consequently feel calmer.

In order to find what suits you, don’t be afraid to try again. If you didn’t succeed in meditation practice today – accept that and start over tomorrow. Soon you’ll find the method or a combination of a few that will work just right for you, and if not – don’t worry, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If meditation just isn’t your thing, you can find source of relaxation in other practices.

Ethical choices

Humans are emotional and sympathetic creatures. We are well-known for our wish to bond with other species, ability to feel empathy, and wide emotional capacity.

Making more ethical choices in your everyday routine will make you feel better about yourself – after all, it’s your impact on our society. However small it might seem – it matters a lot!

Pick cruelty-free products in beauty stores; switch your dinners to meatless meals from time to time; choose reusable shopping bags over plastic.

This effort will make a difference in your subconscious. You fill feel less stressed and more secure about your impact on our world.

Gratitude and forgiveness


Those two work in two different, but connected ways. Forgiveness is a deep inner dialogue with yourself. Try to stop blaming yourself for the past and present mistakes, accept your progress, and catch the moment of being right here, right now.

Gratitude, on the other hand, is more about expressing your feelings to the world. Try taking a sheet of paper and a pen and write down what you’re grateful for. People who helped you throughout your life, your family, your house, even the pretty sunlight – anything counts. This exercise helps you reduce anxiety and fell more grounded.


You can only become a better version of yourself with love and care, not anxiety and hate. Treat yourself as you would treat a friend – accept failures, congratulate success, and keep moving forward.

Remember – all of those tips are not some solid blocks to put inside your head. All of them are mixed and connected, and only a fusion of new, healthier patterns integrated into your life will help you approach wellness and slowly, but steadily create a new, better lifestyle.

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