If you have painful menstrual cramps, you know it’s no picnic. Not that it’s any consolation but you’re not alone in this. Most women do. The sweeping majority—but the lucky few—take painkillers or need to call in sick from work when Aunt Flo is in town. Typically, it’s a day (or days) off from life, too, because the so called *girl flu* often puts our normal functioning on hold. This sounds like a legit reason to crawl into bed and take an Advil or whatever works. But this time around try practicing period and PMS meditation for cramp relief first.

It’s not normal after all 

From the beginning of times we, women, have been told that monthly cramping is totally a-okay. Well, guess what, turns out it’s not.

girl recovering from period pain

True, menstrual pain is very common among women, but usually it’s just there to show us something’s up. Not necessarily something too serious for now, but it can become that when neglected.

What it can be about

Unbearable pain in the beginning of your cycle speaks volumes about your hormones and reproductive system.

Significant cramping means that some ongoing—and probably unknown to you—process is affecting your body.

Reasons can be plentiful. Besides hormonal imbalances and reproductive problems it may even signify that you have an entrapped nerve that runs along your pelvic muscle.

In any case, if the reason is there, make sure to consult with your gynecologist. Your treatment shouldn’t be delayed.

Meditation as a natural alternative for pain relief 

We shouldn’t endure pain, especially the kind that interferes with normal activities. Women who suffer from chronic severe cramps are at a much higher risk for heart disease. And this is huge.

As opposed to painkillers and their possible adverse effects, meditation is a sure remedy that can help you ease your pain during menstruation naturally.

At first, meditating on your cramps may seem like a questionable choice. When in pain, we find it especially difficult to clear the mind and silence negative thoughts. And the position we believe to be most comfortable is curling up into a ball.

But while it might not be easy to start this meditation practice, once you do, you will notice how powerful your breathing is. And how it can gently steal focus away from your pain. Keeping an open mind may help you to power through any painful sensations.

meditation for pain relief

Without further ado, try this game changing meditation for your miserable cramp days:

  1. For this practice you don’t have to sit cross-legged, just sitting in a comfortable position or lying down is good enough.
  2. To have a more profound experience, locate a quiet spot where you will not get easily interrupted.
  3. Place one hand on your chest and the other one on your uterus and close your eyes. Try to relax and let this meditation flow in the air light as a feather. Picture a warm and peaceful place where everything feels safe and familiar.
  4. Our breathing is a passway connecting mind and body. To alleviate your physical woes, take a deep breath, then breathe out.
  5. Every time try to extend your breath. Slow down as you exhale, make it a little longer than your inhale.
  6. As you breathe in, confront your pain, give it a color, and as you breathe out, let it out of your mind and body along with your tension.
  7. Visualize that your whole body is filled with a warm, powerful light. Imagine how this light embraces your uterus and gently dissolves your pain.
  8. You can also repeat these affirmations in your head: “My pain is subsiding” or “I am very grateful for my body”.

Meditation does so much more than just help you relax. Studies show that it balances brain chemicals that account for your relaxed state of mind, calms your tensed muscles, slows down heart rate. It helps better understand our body and everything that goes along with it. Including pain. Meditation helps us address and come to terms with pain, instead of just trying to shut it down by all manner of means.

There are other natural solutions for monthly cramps. They include:

  • Herbs like turmeric, ginger root, cinnamon and fennel. They all have the power to tune down inflammation processes.
  • Chinese herbs like angelica root, licorice abs, red peony roots, cinnamon bark are also worth trying.
  • Omega-3 acid is also great for tuning down period pains and improving your blood circulation.
  • If you have magnesium deficiency your cramps can get worse. So, eating foods high in the said mineral (like leafy greens, legumes, shrimp, salmon) is an easy way to supplement your magnesium intake.
  • Also, doing some soothing yoga poses for PMS and menstrual cramps prior to meditation will enhance its effect.

It’s always nice to be on the lookout for early health warning signs. Just listen closely to your body and take good care of it. As a ‘thank you’ for your help it will always return the compliment in a form of reduced period pains and a healthier life.

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Written by Volha Zaitsava
Volha is a writer and Wellness Editor at Verv. She is a big believer that the only healthy way to approach fitness and nutrition is through self-care and...
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