Probably not so many people find frogs charming and even less would like to resemble one. However, there is at least one exception – a time where looking and moving as this funny amphibian will be very beneficial for your fitness level and health. You guessed it right – it’s the frog jumps.

This amazing and easy exercise will serve you for almost any fitness purpose you might have – burn excessive calories, add something new to your regular workouts, or even change your body image to sporty and fit in just a couple of months.

What is it?

What is it

Frog hops (or jumps), just as the name implies, is a movement that highly resembles a frog leap. Try impersonating one, and you will probably have it right. However, in order to nail it correctly and minimize the chance of any possible damage, scroll down for the instructions to the exercise!

Frog Squats: Secrets and Benefits

The very first obvious but nonetheless important benefit: this movement doesn’t require anything expect your wish to exercise! There is no need to spend your time in the gym or find a suitable wide area – this jumping takes up little space, so you can do it even in a small hotel room.

Including frog jumps into your regular workout will also help you enhance its general effectiveness. It is an efficient calorie-burning exercise that reduces leg pain, strengthens your muscles, and helps you get rid of some excessive fat in your body.

Some say that doing this movement can even improve your memory – so not only the benefits cover your body, but also your mind.

A Guide to the Exercise

Guide to the Exercise

Sit in a deep squat position with your legs slightly wider than a shoulder-width apart. Keep your face front and your shoulders back. Pay attention to your back – no need to keep it perfectly straight while you sit in a starting position.

Place your feet on the ground so the toes are turned out at an angle – as if you were a resting frog. Let your hands slightly touch the floor. In order to accomplish a set of leapfrog exercises correctly and safely, make sure you sit on your heels and don’t put too much weight on the toes – this can lead to the loss of balance while you jump. Breathe normally.

Then on the exhale jump forward and up into the air, trying to leap as high as you can. While you are in the air, there should be triple extension – three joins (hips, knees, and ankles) are to be involved in the movement.

Lightly land on your feet back to the starting position, inhale as you squat back. Repeat the movement back and forth for as many reps as you plan to.

Start with 10 to 15 reps at a time – when you are more acquainted with the exercise, you can increase the amount of jumps to 20 or 30 per one set.

If you are more comfortable with setting a timer rather than following a number of reps, start off with jumping from 20 to 30 seconds. When you are more advanced, prolong it for a minute or two, taking 5 seconds break in the middle.

To observe the proper technique, see the demonstration in the video below:

Frog jumps might be a funny-looking exercise, but it’s definitely pays off! To make sure you’re doing it safely, pay attention to a few things:

  • Remember to breathe (inhale on a sit, exhale on a jump);
  • Make sure you sit on your heels in order to sustain balance, but try to land on your feet without putting too much pressure only on the heels.
  • Listen to your body – if you feel that you’ve had enough for now, don’t torture yourself and take a break. Remember, you can always try again later, and proficiency comes with practice.

Happy jumping!

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