Super fit legs and killer bottom - not something most of us are born with. In fact, glutes, inner and outer loins are very ‘popular’ problem areas among women. And it does take an effort to make these body parts nice and tight. So, if you’re after a stronger lower area, try our seven top picks for toned buttocks and thighs.

Benefits of having strong legs and glutes

Sure, you might want to sculpt a kick-ass booty to rock your new pants suit. But strengthening your gluteus minimus, medius and maximus, aka a tushie, is more than just a vanity thing.

Butt is our largest muscle and kind of an important one. Glutes support you core and are essential for better athletic performance. Strong bottom means better posture and reduced chances of injury. It’s also your insurance against back pains and muscle degradation, especially if you are a ‘victim’ of a desk job.

Leg and buttocks exercises are like the Grail for those who are serious about enhancing their muscles and joints, boosting mobility and reducing the risk of the injury. So, without a doubt they should be the main priority of any training routine.

At-home leg and glute workouts

The following exercises for butt and thighs are both simple and practical. The best thing about them is that they are equipment-free and 100% home-friendly. So, they will spare you the trouble of going to the gym. Still, if you are a gym goer, you can easily incorporate these seven leg and booty workouts into your regular training.

A pleasant bonus: not only will you learn how to tone your legs and butt, you’ll strengthen your core muscles along the way!

1. Classic Squat


Targets: glutes, hips, calves, hamstrings and quads

How Long: 40 seconds

How To:

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your back straight.
  2. Holding your back straight, slowly begin to lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  3. Putting most of the pressure on the heels, keep them firm on the ground.
  4. Placing your arms in front of you for balance.
  5. You can pulse up and down for a couple of seconds.
  6. Exhale on the way down and inhale on the way up.
  7. Now return to the starting position and repeat.

2. Glute Bridge

girl doing asanas

Targets: glutes, thighs  

How Long: 2 set of 20 reps

How To:

  1. Lie on your back with your arms by your sides.
  2. Put your heels on the floor and bend your knees.
  3. Raise your glutes off the ground until your body creates a straight line from your knees to shoulders.
  4. Hold for 2 seconds before and then return to the starting position.
  5. Inhale going down and exhale to push yourself out.

3. Arabesque or Warrior III

arabesque pose

Targets: legs, thighs, core

How Long: 40 seconds for each leg


  1. Stand with your feet together with arms by your sides.
  2. Slightly bend your left leg and keeping your weight on it, lean forward.
  3. Extend your right leg back.
  4. Extend both arms in front of you at shoulder height.
  5. Your body should form a straight line from the right heel to your fingers.
  6. Keeping the right leg lifted, move your arms out to the sides and then back together.
  7. Lower your arms to the starting position and repeat the exercise alternating legs.
  8. Keep your breath even and smooth during the entire exercise


doing lunges

Targets: legs, quads and glutes

How Long: 50 seconds

How To:

  1. Stand straight with chin up and arms by your sides.
  2. Now step forward with one leg and lower your body until your knees are bent at 90-degree angle.
  3. Make sure not to arch your back, keeping it straight at all times. Don’t let your knees touch the floor.
  4. You can place your arms in front of you for balance or place them on your hips.
  5. Complete the exercise going back to the starting position and repeat with the other leg.
  6. Breathe in going down and breathe out to push yourself out.

5. Skater Lunge

skating squats

Targets: glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads

How Long: 2 sets of 15 reps


  1. Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Shift weight onto the right leg, squat and bring your left leg behind you and across mid-line and your arm up in front of you.
  3. Now hop to the left and similarly bring the right leg outside of your body while trying to reach the front leg with elbow of the opposite arm.
  4. Keep your back straight. Repeat, alternating sides.

6. Donkey Kick

donkey kicks

Targets: glutes, calves, hamstrings and quads, core, shoulders

How Long: 2 sets of 20 reps


  1. Get down on all fours and keep that leg bent at a 90-degree angle. (You can also place a bottle behind your knee)
  2. Lift up the weighted leg to the point that your thigh is parallel to the floor and you form a straight line from your shoulder to knee.
  3. Avoid rotating in your hips and don't let your back arch.
  4. Pause for a moment in this position and then lower your leg back.
  5. Repeat the exercise and switch legs.
  6. Exhale as you lift up your leg and inhale when lowering it down.

7. Kneeling Leg Raise

high knee raise

Targets: glutes, quads, lower abs, calves, shoulders

How Long: 3 sets of 10 reps


  1. Getting down on all fours, extend the left leg straight behind you.
  2. Lift the leg as high as you can without arching your lower back.
  3. Make sure you don't rotate your hips during this exercise.
  4. Slowly lower that leg down and repeat.
  5. Now switch sides.
  6. Breathe in lifting your leg up and exhale as you lower it down on the floor.

Do the above exercises regularly to effectively tighten your buttocks and thighs. Make sure you follow all the directions, because your motivation plus proper technique is what adds up to impressive results.

Written by Volha Zaitsava
Volha is a writer and Wellness Editor at Verv. She is a big believer that the only healthy way to approach fitness and nutrition is through self-care and...
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