Whether you are on the road, staying at home, or working to the tightest schedule – if you can snatch 30 spare minutes out of your daily routine, then you can do some intense and productive sports. Our 30-minute CrossFit training ideas will help you get your efficient training sessions wherever you want.

The important part is – to enjoy these workouts you will only need very little equipment or no equipment at all (maybe a solid box or a bench). Do a light warm-up with some cardio for 4-5 minutes before jumping into the real work, and mix the exercises to get an effective full-body training. Try to make your movements quick and smooth, and pay attention to your breathing.

We would say our 30-minute CrossFit workout plan is no-sweat, but there definitely will be sweating! So set your timer for 30 minutes, choose the exercises, and let those muscles burn!

Limited space exercises

If you don’t have enough space for running, try these exercises to keep your blood pumping.


stepping on the box

  • Find a sturdy box or a bench – it should be high enough so that when you put your feet on it, your knee forms a 90-degree angle or larger.
  • Step up on the box with your left foot, and then bring your right foot up.
  • Step down on the ground (put your left foot on the floor, and then bring your right foot down) to return to the starting position.

Aim for 20-25 steps, alternating your legs each time.

If that feels too easy, try holding light dumbbells in your hands while doing the step-ups.

Box Jumps

jumping on box

  • Find a sturdy box or a bench that you can jump on.
  • Stand near it with your feet hips-width apart of a bit wider.
  • Get ready to jump – slightly bend the knees and swing your arms back.
  • Jump on the top of the box, landing with both feet on top of it. Swing your arms forward for the balance.
  • Step or carefully jump down to return to the starting position.

Aim for 12-15 jumps.

Complex sessions

Try to do these rounds as quick as possible, with as little rest as possible.

Number one ‘sweaty’

runner at dusk

  • Run 700 meters
  • Do 40-50 squats

Aim for three rounds.

Number two ‘all for twenty’

planking straight

  • 20 squats
  • 20 push-ups
  • 20 sit-ups

Aim for 5-6 reps, taking a 1 min rest between the rounds.

Number three ‘EMOM’ for 30 mins


That stands for ‘Every minute of the minute’ and means doing a certain number of reps at the top of a minute, and then, if you have some time left, rest until the next top of a minute.

  • 10 Squats
  • 5 Burpees

Do for 30 mins.

These 30-minute CrossFit workout ideas are suitable for almost any occasion: do them at home, on the road, or anywhere else, where you have some space, sweatpants, and the best part? – they only take half an hour of your time.

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