In 2021, going out is the new staying in. But forget about the dance floor, the late nights, and lack of sleep. The going out that we’re talking about is the great outdoors. According to a survey by Verv app of 2,000 participants, nearly 3 out of 5 said that in the past year, they’ve changed from being “indoor people” to “outdoor people. Here is why.”

So what prompted this transformation?

During the pandemic, and subject to various lockdown restrictions, we were staying in to stay safe. The downside was that when deprived of all our usual day-to-day activities—work, the school run, etc.—we found our regular routine interrupted. Even with a work-from-home schedule, many of us found we had a lot more time on our hands and a lot more flexibility when it came to working out.

And that’s where the wellness trend comes in.

With outdoor exercise permitted under lockdown laws deemed an essential for not only physical health, but also mental well-being too, more and more people started heading outside.


Here’s what our participants said were their top reasons for going out:

  • 67% said, “to get away from the people they’ve been stuck indoors with.” And it’s no wonder. Being inside with one person or a number of people can be difficult, even for an extrovert. We all need our own space to keep our sanity.
  • 57% said going out was a great reason to see family. With social distancing keeping us apart, heading outdoors may have been the only time we got to see family members but keep a safe distance.
  • 56% got to see their friends this way too!

Who’s heading outdoors?

Think it’s only gym bunnies who took advantage of the great outdoors?. Not really. Here’s what our study showed:

  • 75% of men embraced the great outdoors
  • Compared to an equally impressive 51% of women
  • The majority of our new great outdoorers were aged between 25 and 40 years old
  • And spent 5+ hours per week exercising outside
  • Making up a total of 260 a year or 10 whole days!

What do the stats say?

Workout outdoors is the latest trend. Here's what 2,000+ American's had to say about it:

What’s there to do outside anyway?

The great outdoors is not just about relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. It’s so much more than that! Here’s our top 8 activities for outdoor lovers.

1.Walking (38%)

10,000 steps might seem like a lot, and it is. But did you know that as few as 4,400 steps can make a difference? Walking just 4,400 steps helps reduce your risk of developing certain conditions. What’s more, as you’re walking, you’ll boost your mood too. There’s nothing like some scenery to cheer you on a gloomy day.

2.Hiking (36%)

Time to kick that walking up a notch. While hiking might seem like walking, and it is, when hiking, you’ll be using different muscle groups and strengthening those leg muscles as you take that incline. Hiking is the perfect activity to challenge yourself, tone those muscles, and have fun too.

3.Dancing (31%)

Dance is one of the hottest fitness trends of 2021, and there’s no reason you can’t take those moves outdoors. Dancing is a great way to burn calories, get fit, and have a lot of fun too.

4.Running (28%)

Even before the pandemic, running has been topping the cardio charts for what seems like forever. For a good reason too. Running is an excellent cardio activity that tones your muscles while keeping your lungs healthy. Find out how to get started with running here.

5.Yoga (23%)

meditation time

Practicing yoga outdoors can help you build a deeper connection with nature, while getting all the benefits of this ancient practice. Take a deep breath in and enjoy the freshness of the air as you work through your asanas one by one.

6.Swimming (22%)

Depending on where you are and how cold you like your water, outdoor swimming can be a wonderful activity for all over wellness. Swimming not only helps tone the muscles, but it also relaxes the body and works out your lungs too. So grab that swimsuit and dive in.

7.Pilates (19%)

Time to build strength and flexibility with Pilates. This all-environment activity can be done whether you’re in the comfort of your back garden or a local part. Just follow the instructor and keep yourself in shape.

8.Mixed Martial Arts (17%)

Control, strength, respect. Mixed martial arts are the perfect activity for any action-loving nature fanatic out there. As you practice in the great outdoors, you will feel empowered by nature and focused on your moves.

Not ready to become an outdoors person?

exercise at home

That’s ok too. In fact, if you’re not ready to face Mother Nature just yet and prefer the comfort of your home, there’s lots of great activities you can do indoors as well. For example, app-based fitness workouts, yoga, and so much more. When it comes to exercise, it’s not important what you do, it's important that you do it and love it!

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