It seems impossible to plan movie night without adding a bunch of tasty treats to it – whether you are going out or staying in for some Netflix and chill. If you’re trying to maintain a mindful approach to your nutrition, it won’t be a surprise to have worries and second thoughts about classic movie night scenario. Good old popcorn, crunchy chips, and creamy candies are all loaded with excessive fat, tons of sugar, and artificial flavors.

However, restricting yourself to plain apple bites paired with five walnuts as a complete meal won’t do justice either. If you’re looking for some healthy movie snacks that also taste good, try our Top-5 ideas and find the happy medium between delicious and nutritious. Enjoy them at home or sneak some into the movie theater (we won’t tell).

1.    Nachos & Guacamole

nacho treats

Saturated cheese dips from the grocery store seem delicious, but too much of those can really set you back on your diet plan. But if you just love dips, no need to opt them out of your diet completely. Switch your store-bought dip to a homemade guacamole and turn it into one of the healthiest movie snacks ever.

Besides the smooth texture and tender taste, avocado is a great source of nutrients, vitamins, and healthy oils. Season it with garlic, salt, and pepper to your taste, add some lime juice, and serve with veggie sticks, whole-grain nachos (if you’re buying a package, take a time to read what they are made of), or other side of your choice.

2.   Olives & String Cheese

If you’re in search for some savory low calorie movie snacks, this recipe will be a pleasant discovery. It takes less than 5 minutes to prep, so even a last-minute call won’t be a problem. Just spend a few minutes in the kitchen, put the snack into a zip lock bag or a plate, and you are all set for any occasion: a movie night out or a home party.

Take a few large olives and a couple of organic mozzarella cheese strings (or use any other low calorie string cheese of your choice). Cut the olives in halves, and pair each half with a piece of a cheese string of the same size. Put each pair on a toothpick.

Enjoy at home or take it with you – just make sure the toothpicks hold the treat tight!

3.   Homemade veggie chips

Kale, zucchini, sweet potato, carrot – you can find veggie sticks and chips pre-packed and ready-to-eat in every local grocery store. But beware: sometimes a seemingly ‘healthier’ option contains even more sugar, fat, and sodium than a regular well-known bag of potato chips. Check the labels carefully – or save some time to prep a healthier alternative at home. By roasting your chips yourself, you control the amount of oil and salt in it. Also, baking saves way more nutrients than deep-frying.

Sprinkle the chopped veggies of your choice with some olive oil. Add garlic, salt, and pepper. Bake in the hot oven until the chips are crispy.

Prepare a bag of those, and you will have a great crunchy treat to enjoy and share with friends without worrying about excessive calories.

4.   Homemade popcorn

homemade popcorn

Who doesn’t love to eat popcorn when a good film is on the screen? Unfortunately, the ones you get at a regular concession stand were most probably soaked in saturated oils (sometimes a few-days-old) and generously sprinkled with artificial flavorings and colorings. Ironically, if made right, popcorn doesn’t contain that many calories at all – made with one tbsp. of olive oil, a cup of this puffy treat only has 90 calories, whereas a bag of microwave popcorn contains around 400.

The choice is obvious – you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle AND enjoy your movie nights with popcorn – after all, of all existing snacks, this one is the golden classic for watching a film. Sprinkle it with cinnamon & a bit of sugar if you like it sweet, or use salt, pepper, and a bit of parmesan cheese for a salty alternative.

5. Berries in chocolate

If you prefer sweet to savory, worries about unwanted extra sugar can come in and ruin all fun from the film. But gladly, both sweet and healthy snacks to eat at the movies exist – and they are so good!

Pick up your favorite berries or chop a fruit of your choice (try raspberries, strawberries, or pear slices). Take half of a dark chocolate bar (you can look for sugar-free option made with natural sweeteners such as stevia) and melt it. Take each piece of fruit or berry on a toothpick and half-dip them one-by-one in the melted chocolate. Put it on a baking sheet and leave to cool.

When the chocolate hardens, natures’ candy is ready to grab and satisfy your sweet tooth!

Tips for staying healthy in a rush

Even if you have no time for any preparations, you can still find plenty options of healthy snacks to eat while watching a movie. Here are some things you can quickly grab at any grocery store:

  • Protein bar;
  • A handful of nuts;
  • Fruit chewy candies;
  • Lollipops or other hard candies;
  • Sugar-free granola bars.

Although some of those items can hardly be defined as healthy food, it’s not a crime to add them to your ration from time to time. You can still enjoy your favorite treats, even if they are high in calories and fats – just watch your portion sizes and try to switch to healthier options when possible. Grab a protein bar or a handful of nuts to the movie theater with you to get nutrients instead of saturated fat, or enjoy a few hard candies rather than buy a king-size popcorn at the concession stand. Take care and enjoy the show!

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