Take a peek outside your window. All looks quiet, right? Well not for long! It’s Halloween workouts time and those zombies are ready to rise from their graves to wreak havoc in your town. So, what’s the best way to stay safe in the zombie apocalypse. That’s right! Keeping fit! This is the best anti-zombie workout that you’ll ever do!

Halloween workouts for fighting zombies

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What’s the first rule of fighting zombies? You got it – cardio. Time to get those heart muscles working and your blood pumping. To increase your heart health, you’ve got lots of great cardio options. For zombie fleeing, we recommend running. How you do it is up to you. You can:

  • Run on the spot – remember to keep those knees high for extra effort
  • Jog on a treadmill – switch up your speeds from fast to slow for a boost
  • Outdoors running – find a zombie-free spot and get a quick workout in


Time to work those arms. Just in case you need to fend off a zombie attack or two. One of the simplest ways to build arm strength is the classic push up. Use your body’s own weight to increase the strength in your arm muscles and level up those ‘guns.’

When it comes to push-ups, you can do the regular-style ones or engage your knees to get lower. What’s important here is your form, not how many you can do. So, watch your positioning and take care. If you need some extra help getting the perfect push up, we’ve created this article just for you.


Now, let’s get those legs in order. You’ll need them to run from all those ghosts and ghouls or even do some trick or treating. Alongside running, strength-building exercises, such as squats, help you increase tone in your legs and buttocks. This supports your body, improves balance, and gives you great looking pins too.


One-two-POW! Sometimes you’ll need to defend yourself from those ghastly spooks, and that’s where your biceps come in. But what’s the best way to get those muscles in shape? Here’s the best bicep-boosters to try now:

Equipment: grab two 500ml water-filled bottles

  • The classic bicep curl. You know the drill – back straight and arms engaged. 3 sets at 20 reps should do it.
  • Now for some kickbacks. Feet hip-width apart, lean forward, and bring your arms into your chest. Now swing them back behind your back and stretch the chest muscles. Another 3 sets by 20 reps should cut it.
  • Biceps are nothing without shoulders. Lie on the floor, and using alternate arms, lift the weights straight up in front of you. 3 sets by 20 reps for each.


HIIT is all about speed, flexibility, and getting that heart rate up. What better anti-zombie Halloween workout could there be! As an added bonus, you’ll also lose weight, strengthen your muscles, and get healthier long-term.

Here’s a quick routine to get you into the thriller groove:

  • Back lunges – 10 on each leg
  • Running in place high knees – 1 minute
  • Stretch it out in a cobra pose – hold for 30 seconds
  • Lunge to the right – 10 reps
  • Lunge to the left – 10 reps
  • Jumping jacks – 30 jacks
  • Squats – 25 squats
  • Running in place high knees – 1 minute
  • Forward lunge – 10 on each leg
  • Burpees – 30 seconds
  • Back bridge on the ground – 30 seconds
  • And breath. You did it!

Finding HIIT a blast? You can discover more workouts here or in our app.

We hope you've enjoyed these spookily fun Halloween workouts; we know that we have! So all that's left to say is Trick or Treat. Happy Halloween from all of us at Verv!

Written by Maria Isabella Neverovich
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