Have you tried drinking buttermilk? If not, it may be just the right time to give it a shot! Not only does this beverage have a peculiar sour-ish taste and an indisputable refreshing quality – it is packed up with many nutrients and vitamins essential for your body.

If you’re already wondering – yes, this drink can actually play a role in helping you lose a few pounds. Using buttermilk for weight loss can strike you as a new and unfamiliar technique, but don’t expect it to do the magic trick – alas, it’s not going to immediately burn off all the unwanted weight. However, including this drink into your diet as a snack or a healthier substitute for fatter, sweeter dairy products can pay off nicely – and your body will thank you later!

What is buttermilk?

Let’s start by figuring out what is buttermilk and what are its benefits connected to the weight loss process.

There are two main types of this beverage: traditionally, it is a liquid left after the process of churning butter out of cultured cream. What you can find in the grocery store is usually a fermented dairy product made in a factory conditions. To separate them from one another, the first is referred to as traditional buttermilk, and the second is called cultured buttermilk.

This drink usually contains a great amount of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients, whilst staying a low-calorie, low-fat product. From this perspective, the benefits of drinking buttermilk are undeniable – it does give your organism a boost of healthy elements without too much of a calorie intake.

Losing weight – tips and ideas

dairy mealAs mentioned, the drink of interest is not a magic potion that will help you immediately get rid of all excessive calories. It has its own nutritional value, and the bare process of drinking it won’t have a direct effect on your weight loss goals – it’s still consuming calories, not taking them away.

However, what really can do the trick, is switching other, not-so-healthy snacks and beverages with buttermilk. No need to dive in some buttermilk diet with extreme limitations – just try taking a glass of this drink instead of soda, whole-fat milk, or a plate of french-fries. This habit can become a great addition to your everyday eating schedule – instead of many sugary snacks buttermilk is full of calcium, potassium, and healthy bacteria important for a better digestion.

The power of exercise

Using buttermilk as a substitute for some snacks is definitely a good addition to your food habits. Make it work for you even more by sticking to a consistent workout plan! Try to follow a regular exercise routine adequate to your fitness goals, and perks of drinking buttermilk for weight loss will pay off even better.

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