Don’t you just hate it when you’re doing sit-ups and your ponytail stops you from putting your head down on the mat? Or what about those kinks that appear when you take down that up-do after a workout? Or even that fringe that never seems to sit just, right? Ugh! Us too! That’s why we came up with these best workout hairstyles you can try that look great when you work out and afterward, too.

Best hairstyles for working out

What to do with your hair when you work out is one of those questions that we don’t often think of but really get in the way of our routine. So what is the secret to the best workout hair? Experts say that simple, low-product looks are best. Below we’ve brought together our fave looks for the gym and at home.

1. Top bun

Pigeon Stretch

Need an out-of-your-face look that’s stylish too? A high bun could be for you. To get that sleek look, simply bend over and flip your hair upside down. Gather it together, twirl it into a roll, and circle it round like a tasty Cinnabon. Stick in a scrunchie, and you’re good to go.

2. Simple plait

jumping on box

Keep it low, neat, and mess-free with a simple plait. This workout class will ensure your hair is tidy and kept in control. To get that perfectly styled look, take your hair and split it into three sections, plait them together and done.

3.Fishtail plait

Perfect for rushed morning workouts and after-work evening sessions alike, this fishtail plait is an out-of-your-face classic that’s good for almost any training session. To get this look, divide your hair into 2 sections. Now take a thin strand from each side and pull it under the bunch on the other side. Repeat this technique using thin strands from the outside until you reach the end.

4. High ponytail


Mid-ponytails can get in the way of your sit-ups, but high ponytails are where it’s at. With this action-ready look, it’s time to bend and flip your hair upside down again. Remember to gather it in a bunch and tie it in a scrunchie. When you stand back up, you’ll have the perfect ponytail.

5. Side braids

Want a cute look that’s not too difficult to pull off? Then it’s time for those side braids. Split your hair into two sections and start plaiting. Pull this look off, and you’ll look fabulous as you work out.

6.Headband heaven

winter run

Not so much a hairstyle as a fashion statement. If you’re finding your hair hard to control, then adding in a hairband could be just the thing for you. Pick out your fave style and throw it on. Your hair will be back and out of your face as you do your workout thing.

7. Half-up, half-down

This casual “I’m-not-even-trying-but-look-fab-style” is perfect for those who want an all-action in the front and party in the back look. To get this style, just pull half your hair up into a ponytail or messy bun and get going. This is one of those workout hairstyles that will suit almost everyone so don't be afraid to try it.

8. Messy bun


A prim and proper high bun isn’t for everyone. Sometimes messy is the way to go. So when it’s time to hit the gym, just grab a scrunchie and throw your hair up into a messy bun to keep it out of your way while you do your thing.

9.Bang trouble? Clip it back


Bangs may look great on the street, but in the gym, they can quickly get sweaty. That’s when it comes to your fringe. Depending on the length, a simple headband or clipped-back look may be the way to go. Keeping your hair out of your face allows you to concentrate on your exercise routine without all the stress of worrying about what your hair is up to.

Got workout hairstyles inspiration?

We'd love to hear from you! Tell us your favorite styles and let us know your secrets to the best workout hair.

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