Melanie Sargent


exp.8 years

experience: 8 years

#Weight loss


I'm Melanie Sargent, 29 years old. I'm a certified fitness trainer & yoga instructor with 8 years of experience who specializes in toning, mobility and nutrition.
I have a degree in sports science. In addition to my work as a fitness trainer, I also have experience working as a nutritionist.
I believe that fitness should be fun, and I strive to make my sessions enjoyable for my clients. I also believe that everyone is capable of achieving their fitness goals, no matter how difficult they may seem.



3 day ago

I started Melanie's program a few months ago and I'm already seeing results. I love how her program is so approachable and easy to follow. As someone who is unfit, I found that I was still able to do the exercises and see positive outcomes after my first baby.


3 day ago

If motivation, flexibility, and a personalized approach are what you're looking for in PT, then Melanie is the trainer for you! Highly recommended!


2 weeks ago

Melanie really gave me the guidance and confidence I needed to get in shape. She is always keeping me motivated and constantly checking in on my needs! Thank you!


2 weeks ago

For me, Melanie is the best trainer around. She knows exactly how to make the body chiseled. At work, I started getting compliments not only from men but from women as well - and that's a wow!


2 weeks ago

I really like Melanie's training. Everything is personalized, clear and to the point. What more could I dream of?

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