Gerald Chambers


exp.22 years

experience: 22 years

#Weight loss


I'm Gerald Chambers, 47 years old. I'm a fitness trainer with 22 years of experience who specializes in HIIT workouts, weight loss and nutrition. In my two decades of working in the fitness industry, I've seen a lot of changes. I've seen fads come and go. I've seen people get results, and I've seen people give up. But through it all, there are a few things that have always remained the same: hard work, dedication, and a passion for helping others reach their fitness goals.



5 day ago

Working with Gerald has been great! He's an experienced trainer who knows how to work with different fitness levels. His HIIT training is tough but it really gets results. I've already lost weight and gained muscle since working with him.


6 day ago

I can say without a doubt that Gerald knows his stuff. The HIIT workouts he designs for me are always challenging and productive. If you want to lose weight and get in shape, Gerald is your man.


2 weeks ago

I am very grateful to Gerald for being my coach. When I first met him, I was very introverted and thought there was no way he could help me lose weight. But within minutes the stress was gone. Thanks to him I fell in love with sports, lost weight and my husband never stops complimenting my body. Bravo!


2 weeks ago

Gerald is a great fitness trainer! He really knows how to get you motivated and he always has new and innovative workouts. I always feel great after a session with Gerald.


2 weeks ago

Gerald is an excellent fitness trainer. His effort for making me fit is awesome. His knowledge about maintaining good health and sharing & communication is really helping out a lot to stay fit. In addition to fitness, he also knows and shares a nutrition diet plan for good health.

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