Get your glad rags on—it’s time to party! After a long 2021, and what seemed like an even longer 2020, we are ready to leave the past in the past as we head into 2022. And what better way to ring in the New Year than with the best New Year’s resolutions out there.

Behind the scenes, our team has been working hard to come up with the most effective habits you can adopt this January, plus a few extra fun things to do, that will help make 2022 your best year yet.

Why do New Year’s resolutions work?

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Have you ever wondered just why do people make New Year’s resolutions anyway? Or why are New Year’s resolutions so powerful? Well, this one has a lot of history—all the way back to 153 BC in fact.

It was said that the tradition of New Year’s resolutions comes from Janus, a Roman God with two faces. One looked backwards into the old year, the other into the future—the New Year.

As the story goes, gifts are given and all is forgiven from the old year, while wishes are made and fulfilled as Janus looks forward to the New Year.

And that is why, as the clock strikes midnight, we believe that all will start afresh.

History aside. Resolutions are not just myths. Instead, the act of making a resolution is powerful. By setting the time aside and with mindful intentions, you can make your resolutions come to pass.

Why didn’t my New Year’s resolutions work?

But it’s true. Resolutions don’t turn out 100% of the time. They take time, commitment, and a lot of hard work. Unless your New Year’s resolution is to eat chocolate, of course. That said, there are three common reasons why resolutions fail time and time again. Let’s take a quick look:

1. They are too hard

Resolutions often require you to form a newer, healthier habit. For example, quitting smoking or going to the gym every day. The problem is that to achieve this habit, there’s a lot of steps that need to happen in between that make it difficult to form the habit. This jeopardizes your success.

2. They are too complicated

Does your resolution have several steps to be successful? For example, losing 50 lbs. Often for these types of resolutions to work, you need to account for every step of the way not just lose 50lbs and that’s it. Instead, you should focus on one healthy habit that you can control. For example, not eating after 20:00 (intermittent fasting) may help you lose your desired amount of weight.

3. They are not realistic

Want to become a celebrity and win the lottery? So do we. But the chances of that happening are slim. That’s why when it comes to resolutions, it’s vital you set achievable goals. Your wins will lead you to success. For example, imagine how great you’ll feel after completing your walk-a-day walks for one week, then one month, then a whole year. Visualize that feeling and own it! You will succeed.

31 best New Year’s resolution ideas to start 2022 the right way

Now, you know the theory. It’s time to dig right in and look at the best New Year’s resolutions you can make this year. Let’s go!

1. Go to bed on time—sleep is so important

2. Learn to budget—your finances could cause you unnecessary anxiety. It’s time to take charge

3. Eat healthier most days—we love the 80% healthy food, 20% not-so-healthy food philosophy

4. Learn something new every day—even if it’s just from a video on TikTok

5. Walk once a day, every day—getting at least 20 minutes of exercise will work wonders for your mind and body

6. Make new connections at work and in your personal life—expanding your network is the key to success.

7. Give gratitude every day—empower your mind with positivity

8. Laugh out loud at least once a day—life is too short. Even if nothing seems funny right now, this can help lighten the load.

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9. Take measured risks—do something you are scared of and enjoy it. For example, it might be crossing a rope bridge or climbing a rock wall.

10. Learn to cook a new meal once a week—experiment with your taste buds and your skills

11. Read more—books, audiobooks, articles, something—it doesn’t matter. Reading expands your horizons and mind too.

12. Practice mindfulness—being in the moment reduces stress. Try mindfulness for yourself. You can even start with our meditation guide here.

13. Learn to invest in yourself—sometimes the cost of a course or consultation is so worth it.

14. Drink less alcohol—we all know too many units are bad for us. This is the year we take charge and cut down.

15. Quit smoking—and that includes vaping too. It’s 2022. It’s time to kick the habit.

16. Take the stairs (almost) every time—when faced with the lift-stairs dilemma, always choose the stairs, even if you don’t want to.

17. Get a plant—not only will it make you feel a little happier, but it’s also good for your health too.

aloe plant

18. Go on vacation—your job is not you. Take a break and make time for yourself.

19. Drink more water—ideally around 2 litres a day but make a commitment to start from one big cup.

20. Write a diary—take note of every feeling and emotion for one year. Next New Year, you’ll have a wealth of experience to look back on.

21. Do one thing you’ve always wanted to do—big trip, horseback riding, flying a helicopter or something crazier? Now is the time to do it.

22. Volunteer—not only does this help others, it boosts your social sphere too with new friends and experiences.

23. Delegate more—don’t love it, delegate it. Too much work? Delegate. This year is all about finding the balance.

24. Go clutter-free—commit to a huge clear out and follow through.

25. Get the hairstyle you always wanted—what are you waiting for?!

26. Listen to music each day—music can boost your mood so make time for it now.

27. Hug your loved ones more—hugs boost feel-good hormones so hug your loved ones when you can.

28. Compliment yourself—write little compliment notes and leave them in your house to find each and every day.

29. Reduce negative influences in your life—decide on the positive and where you’d like to be in the future.

30. Lower your plastic usage—reusable bags are here, so too is low wage packaging. Yes, Amazon is handy but the era of plastic-free is now.

31. Do your laundry—avoid laundry build up. Yes, it’s a little work, but you will feel fantastic with a clean set of clothes on.

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