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How to manage my Personal Data Privacy?

We respect your privacy and we are strongly committed to make sure your data, as of a user of Verv applications, is protected and its use is fully transparent. Your personal data may be collected, in order to (1) track your app use and be able to customize app experience for you, (2) analyze and research user behavior, (3) provide you with ads relevant to your interests, (4) reply to your inquiries, (5) communicate with you about certain issues, (6) improve our services and ensure proper work of our applications.

If you do not want any of your personal data to be collected, you may opt out at any time. To do that, select the appropriate settings on your mobile device: Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising.

Since our third-party providers have an access to your personal data, we make sure they comply with all the applicable data protection laws. Please, read Privacy Policies of our service providers, to know the purposes of data usage, its further processing and your rights to protect your data privacy. All the third-party providers with whom we may share your data are specified in our Privacy Policy.

You may opt out from collecting your personal data at any time. You have the right to request the information about whether we have any Personal Data about you, to access your Personal data (including in a structured and portable form) and terminate its processing by writing us at

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