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How can I manage trouble zones?

Please tap Menu > Profile > Trouble Zone > select the zone you would like to work on: Arms, Abs or Butt & hips.

We did our utmost to diversify your training. So, even though you can choose only one problem area at a time, we made sure your Trouble Zone training covers two other trouble areas as well. In a nutshell, your problem zone training consists of exercises covering arms, abs, buttocks and hips. However, the trouble zone you've chosen will be the main focus of your training. At the same time, two others are by no means left out and will support your workouts serving as a background. This way you get a complex training with a strong focus on the zone of your choice.

You can change your focus to a different trouble area at any time. Once you’ve done it, the app will reset the current plan and generate a new one.

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